18. Tour Conclusion

A photograph of the side of a yellow brick house on a sunny day. The house has a green side door and two windows with green shutters. A garden of lilies, salvia, hosta, and a bird bath grow in front of the house. A delicate pear tree is in the foreground.

As you walk back to the visitor center, imagine it is a fine day in early summer. Emily Dickinson and her sister, Vinnie, are sitting on a small piazza that used to run the entire length of the east side of the Homestead’s back wing. They are taking their tea, perhaps with a slice of Emily’s gingerbread.  Perhaps their niece Martha has joined them. They are surrounded by potted plants from the conservatory, the big daphne and two oleanders in green tubs. A pomegranate tree is in bud, almost ready to flower. Look down the flagstone path toward the flower garden. It beckons.

New feet within my garden go –

New fingers stir the sod –

A Troubador opon the Elm

Betrays the solitude.

New Children play opon the green –

New Weary sleep below –

And still the pensive Spring returns –

And still the punctual snow!

(Fr 79)

Thank you for joining me on today’s tour of the Dickinson family landscape. I hope you’ve enjoyed this experience. The Museum invites you to explore the landscape on your own, and all of us encourage you to read Dickinson’s poems.  

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